Autocorrelations, 2020

BFA Thesis Project at NYU

The project stems from my attempt to define the term “authenticity,” while in the process realising the limit of such crass dichotomy between real and fake. We are all prisoners of our body with a limited amount of sensory organs limited by certain range or frequencies. Our perception is tainted by our past experiences. We are confined in time, blissfully ignorant of the future or the past. We play different language games despite using the same language. Even science is limited by our imagination and the set of tools we use, making it just another interpretation of the reality like any other religions or beliefs — a methodology that is flawed from its birth. “Authenticity” therefore becomes an elusive term constructed by perception filtered through these limitations.

Truth never occurs outside our own selves.
Life is but a system open to the rains that fall at intervals.
Things have no conceivable intrinsic values,
and the poetic parallel only flourish in an inner dimension.
We see truth not in the reality of appearances but in the reality of thoughts.

The project is an attempt of utilising this mechanism; a collection of interlinking images that takes on the documentary style, yet contains little information that would potentially pin them down to a specific place/time. The end result would ideally be a collection of images that will work together as a fictional documentary or an illusion of a truthful story.

Doha, 2017

Shot during a short transit trip in Doha, I was unexpectly surrounded by illustrations of the emir of Qatar. 

X, 2018